Collection and transportation

Our company maintains a modern fleet of trucks and dumpsters at the disposal of other companies and industries in order to provide a swift and efficient collection service.



We have extensive experience in the scrapping and dismantling of machinery, industrial plants, cranes and special vehicles: silos, tanks, petrochemical plants, warehouses, depots and railway carriages, and train engines.


Vessel dismantling

In Alumisel we have environmental and port authorization for ship dismantling activity. This activity is carried out with the vessel stranded in a shipyard located in the Ría de Vigo, which guarantees the strictest environmental protection of the marine environment. In Alumisel we have been carrying out the activity of scrapping ships and boats for more than 20 years.



Our plant in Porriño (Pontevedra) is a CAT Plant – an authorized waste site for the treatment of end of life vehicles.


Household Waste Recycling Center

At our warehouse and collection center in San Cibrao